Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Entry #2 Thailand and Chickenpox

It was in 2006 and it was supposed to be a sport event but I joined for a seminar program. There were me, Maisarah, Sac, Izs and Azrul. We were all debaters for UiTM Perlis and that event was called Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand - Growth Triangle (IMT-GT). We went to Prince of Songkhla University. The best thing I could remember was the food I had at a cafeteria there and how cheap the earrings were there. I love earrings. But the worst thing was I got chicken pox after just two days. That fever forced me to just sleep in my room and did not go to any event. It was sad especially when the rest got a chance to travel all the way to the beach where they had a gold mermaid statue. They got to ride on a boat and I was just sleeping in my room. The cruelest part was that I was forced to present in seminar with pox all over my face. I lost all my confidence. But we still got first place. Then I went straight home with a UiTM driver. I was left with chicken pox for more than 2 weeks. I was so afraid to meet my bf (who’s no longer my bf now) in case he won’t love me anymore. But he’s a super nice guy and accepts me for who I was. I never say thank you for that. But dude, thanks a lot for always being there for me if u read this somehow. Up until now, I still envy the fact that Mai, Sac, Izs, Azrul and even Nizam (who represents UiTM for cultural performance) get the chance to have a lot of fun without me. Guys, I’ll go there again one day and take hundreds of photos for you guys to see…..hehh!!

Coming up next: Cameron Highland and then I lost a father

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