Sunday, June 7, 2009

ENTRY #1 Introduction

Sometimes you loved, and you learned.
Heartbreak is only a part of that learning experience.
I have loved, and I have learned.
I have tasted heartbreak.
I have fallen down to my knees.
I have lost what I can’t live without.
But even if I can’t live without it, I kept on waking up every morning.
And I am perfectly sober, still awake and not dying.
Life must go on even if you wake up every morning hoping that it stops.
That’s what I’ve learned.
This is my first entry of my blog.
I’m not going to write about my feelings, my fucked up life or how much I’m hurt.
Instead, what I will write in this blog is my point of view, life experience or merely imagination.
My entries will be entries that will affect the lives of everyone who can relate to them…
I’m so sick of entertaining my own feelings, suffering from heartache and being selfish to talk just about myself.
I would only wish him well and try to forget.
If you love someone so much, you will let him go.
If you love him so much, you would only want him to be happy.
If this is what makes him happy, then this is what I have to live with.
So, enjoy!

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