Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Second Chance


If love is red, then I’m color-blind.
If love is a lesson to learn, then I’m the worst student.

And if love is physics, I’ll never graduate.

I have learnt that love is a confusing method to break a heart.

I have been told that love is an experiment to avoid.

But I have found the stronger side of me through falling out of love.

Love can never be seen through naked eyes.

It cannot be understood but can only be felt.
And if you love someone, you are so damn lucky.

I don’t believe in happily ever after.

I don’t believe in second chance.

Once it’s over, there’s no turning back.

But if I took one more step forward.

My whole principle crashes backward.

So I’d rather not be moved.

I’d rather not be given the second chance.

Because love is not red in color.

It is not a subject nor is it a degree course.

But if you’re in love, then you are lucky.

For if you fall out of love then you are not subjected to second chance.

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